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Wambui, Nairobi - © Sam Muchai

Draw me Nairobi, Wambui Ndung’u (EN/FR)

🇬🇧 Bridget Wambui Ndung’u lives in Nairobi, Kenya. She’s a Pro Makeup Artist, Beauty Content Creator and a Freelance Article Writer. She wasn’t born there but has spent a couple of years in Nairobi, enough to call it her home. It’s where this bright young woman found her life’s purpose and discovered her passions. Let’s follow Wambui there ! A trip to Nairobi with Wambui Ndung’u What do you particularly appreciate about Nairobi ?  I particularly appreciate the people and the diverse culture in Nairobi. The people are very welcoming and make it a lively city. Nairobi is full of culture which makes it even a better place as you get to interact and learn a lot from each community. Additionally, it is home to beautiful national parks and wildlife – making it a tourist destination.  3 words that really represent Nairobi for you Magical. Scenic. Wild.  Your 3 favourite gourmet addresses in Nairobi CJ’s restaurant : one of the restaurants in Nairobi where you get value for your money because of the food portions they serve.  Bigfish Restaurant : this place serves the best …